Coral Creek Golf Course Archive

Model citizens north of the border

Twenty-one year GCSAA member Mark Magee and his three children didn't have to look too far to find the perfect Christmas gift for Mark's father and the kids' grandfather.

Their handmade scale model of the 14th green at Coral Creek Golf Course, a public facility located in Fisherville, Ontario, Canada, was assembled as a present for 78-year old Jerry Magee. It took about 40 hours to complete, Mark Magee says. Their final work is available for anyone to see-the course placed the finished product on the front page of its website. At some point this year, the model will be displayed in the clubhouse.

Of course, it doesn't hurt that the Magees also own the place. They purchased Coral Creek, which was built in 1968, in 1989.

"As superintendents, we are always hearing about striking a proper work-life balance," Mark Magee says. "This was a great way to spend quality time with my family during the holiday season."

Coral Creek originally was a nine-hole facility. In 2000, nine holes were added, making it an 18 hole, 7,030-yard, par 72 layout. "We saw the potential in the place, a great piece of land and an inspiring layout," says Mark Magee, noting that famed Canadian architect Robbie Robinson drew plans for the renovatioins and additiions.

The entire Magee family has a hand in what happens there. Jerry Magee is the golf professional. Kennedy Magee, Mark's son, is 15, and already has done a variety of jobs around the course, including raking bunkers and mowing greens.

Jackson Magee, 13 and Victoria Magee, 10, helped their brother and father construct the scale model by using a Styrofoam base that was capped with layers of modeling plaster. They topped it with coats of paint and granular turf to provide texture. The trees were hand-built to provide a realistic touch.

Mark Magee, 48, plans to pursue his GCSAA certification in the near future. His wish is to keep Coral Creek, including that now famous 14th green, in the family for a long time.

"My future career plans include becoming general manager as my dad retires, and ensuring there is a place for my children in the business," Mark Magee says.