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A note of record...

My parents and I have decided after much thought and reflection to retire from operating Coral Creek Golf Course.

Effective immediately the golf course property will be closed and cease operating as a golf course. The course is not being sold to another owner, the Magee family will continue to own and be stewards of the land -albeit in a more natural state.

Many thanks go to our customers, suppliers and employees for 29 years of close, rewarding relations-the people being what made this business so great. Showing up for work each day in such a naturally beautiful setting and having our customers come to us for their recreation was inspiring. We were blessed in finding careers that we truly loved-such that it didn't seem to be a hardship to put in a 12 hour day. Our family is proud of the role we served in our community, but feel the time is right to step back from operating the course while blessed with good health which will allow us to pursue other interests and enjoy more family time.

In closing, we would like to wish all of our friends in the golf world a prosperous season ahead, filled with health and happiness.

Sincerely, Jerry, Darlene and Mark Magee

Article in HamiltonNews.com

April 13,2018

By Garry McKay, Sports Writer for Hamilton Spectator

"Fisherville's hidden gem, Coral Creek, closed."

The golf season is finally beginning in this part of Southern Ontario - but not in

In that little corner of the province, at the Coral Creek Golf Club, the greens and
fairways remain uncut, and the flagsticks and tee blocks stored away.

Sadly, they will remain that way.

Owner - operator Jerry Magee, and his family, have decided the course will not
operate this year, and may be closed for good.

Coral Creek may not have been your everyday course, simply because of its out-of-
the-way location. It was, however, a great design with some really neat features, and,
thanks to superintendent Mark Magee, Jerry's son, was always in great shape, especially the
greens which were among the best of any public course in the province.

It was one of those courses that you wanted to get to at least once a year, and take a
friend who hadn't yet experienced Coral Creek, including the way it operated.

Jerry didn't take tournaments, insisted that you book a tee-time in advance, offered
few amenities in the small cinder-block clubhouse, and - hallelujah - enforced pace of play.

So why is it closing?

Mark points out that his dad and mother (Darlene) are both 85.

"He would work 80 to 100 hours a week, and they've never had a holiday in the
summer." said Mark. "They've always talked about getting a mobile home and doing some

"As a family we talked about it over the winter, and if they're going to do it, they
want to do it while they're both in good health.

It's a terrible time to try and sell a golf course because the market simply isn't there
to get much of a return on your investment. And bringing someone in to operate it wasn't
an option either, because the Magees felt they had created standards that they didn't want

So, they're simply shutting it down.

Coral Creek has a unique history. It was designed in the mid-to-late 1960s by Stanley
Thompson protege, Robbie Robinson, to be able to host a Canadian Open.

Only nine holes were built, however.

After retiring as the head pro at St. George's G&CC in Toronto, Jerry Magee
purchased the club in 1989.

Along with it came the plans for the other nine, which he built and opened in 2000.

Perhaps the most unique feature of the golf course is Hemlock Creek which cuts
through, and lays bare the bottom of an ancient seabed and with it, Devonian fossils that
could be up to 400 million years old.

You can step off the 14th green into the rocky creek and there they are, a part of the
planet's ancient history right at your feet.

Jerry admits shutting down Coral Creek will be a bittersweet experience for him,
because it's been such a big part of his life.

Interestingly, both Jerry and Mark say 'never say never' at the prospect of reopening
the course in the future.

And when pressed about how many years the course would have to lay fallow before
it couldn't be brought back, both talk about new strains of grass that could be used that
would even upgrade the facility.

So maybe there is hope.

For now, however, Coral Creek is closed and there are no plans to open it.

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