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Coral Creek was included in golf journalist Ted McIntyre's list of top-value courses in Ontario as published in the Toronto Star Golf Guide on Thursday April 11, 2013.

"This little-known Robbie Robinson-designed gem attracts golf-savvy private-club members from across Southern Ontario. Near Cayuga Speedway, the family-run operation's modest clubhouse conceals a tournament-grade course renowned for its billiard-table-smooth putting surfaces. In fact, the brawny layout was originally designed in hopes of hosting a Canadian Open. The club doesn't entertain tournaments or even large groups, but if you're a foursome or less and looking for a pure, unadulterated golf experience that challenges every element of your game, this is the place."

The "traditional" theme is our niche in the market and we feel confident it will appeal to you as well. We provide a high level of quality in terms of layout, conditioning, and customer service - at a reasonable price. Further enhancing this effort is our spacing of tee times at 10 minute intervals and strong encouragement for 4 hour rounds.

We look forward to seeing you shortly this spring and to serving your golfing needs in 2017.

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