Coral Creek Golf Course Hole Description

7030 yards par 72 - C.E. Robinson member of Canada's Golf Hall of Fame & Architect Founded & built the 9 hole course in 1967, it was completed in 2000, one of Ontario's hidden treasures, Ontario Golf News, July 2001

513 Yards, Par 5   Play Away!
Turn your game clock on now. Great starting hole - deceptive - birdie chance comes early. Sets mood for the day. Avoid fairway traps - long iron needed to secure spot on rolling green.


422 Yards, Par 4   Shotmaker's Delight!
A faded tee shot out of chute, to fairway moving right - with sand, boundary left - pond right next to long narrow green - hard to read.

382 Yards, Par 4   Thread The Needle!
Play through a corridor of trees, over a river - to an enormous green. Depth perception is difficult - so a 70 foot putt is not unusual.


572 Yards, Par 5   The Killer !
Drive over a mound into a saddle landing area & a spectacular vista awaits you. Gamble or not - up to you ! Clear first river to landing, then clear second river over mammoth sand trap to green set in hillside. AWESOME EXPERIENCE!

425 Yards, Par 4   Around The Bend!
The perfect two shot hole. Fit tee shot over trees. river & "burn" on corner to landing area at 215 yards, then long uphill shot to big green guarded by traps. Tough par. Note: Back tee to blue stake in fairway 215 yards


441 Yards, Par 4   Golden Pond
From a hill - over river and pond. Let it fly - as accurate second shot required to long green with pond to left & mound to right awaits you. Gentle movement in green.

168 Yards. Par 3   The Natural
Absolute natural beauty - river - trees - tranquillity. Club selection important and wind above trees a factor


438 Yards. Par 4   Dead Tree Calling!
Slight dogleg to right - avoiding traps. Green sits with Swale in middle & trees with fall of on left side.

235 Yards, Par 3   Respect Me!
Strong par 3 - usually into wind. River on left - pond at rear - trap on right - very large green to receive shot.


584 Yards, Par 5   Far & Away!
Drive over rise in fairway - traps right & left. Down to green set in hollow - with woods on let side. Possible "pick up a shot" hole.

181 Yards, Par 3   Nature's Solitude! This one shotter - over enormous trap to wide, back to front sloping green. Proper club selection vital to stay below pin placement.


517 Yards, Par 5   The Ultimate Test! Spectacular - demanding tee shot - over river - up the hill to landing area. Trees all the way on right to green with large trap let front - severe fall off to right side & beyond green. Into prevailing wind - a strong test. Terrifying at times!

407 Yards, Par 4   The Mound!
A long - tiered tee area leads you to big fairway - moguls on left - to a green positioned against a mound on right - drop of on left & over back. Very tough green to read, due to shape of the landing area.


349 Yards, Par 4   Ledge Of Coral!
A memorable hole. Pure nature.
The green sits on a "bed of coral" surrounded by river front - side & rear. Not long - but demanding. Our course is named for the Devonian Fossils & Coral featured in this area.

180 Yards, Par 3   Forest Cathedral!
High tee in the forest to a giant sized landing area with one "pot bunker" guarding the front of green. You - the golf ball & nature, all come together. So peaceful!


405 Yards, Par 4   Out Of The Chute!
A forest surrounds the sloping, narrow landing, for tee shot. Green appears to sit up in air - with large gaping trap in front. Plays longer than appears.

413 Yards, Par 4   A Breather Hole!
Let the tee shot fly - straight away. Big target green - hard to get close to flag - subtle movement to putting surface.


398 Yards, Par 4   Grand Finale!
Through the opening of trees - over river to landing area. Green receives high soft shot with traps front & right - with fall off to river on left.